Editing Identifiers
Identifiers can be edited within the administrative portal if :
  • The portal has direct authority to edit the identifier type or the identifier can be globally assigned.
  • The identifier type is scoped in a way that it can be assigned to a ROT
    • For example: If an identifier is scoped to a Master Entity (such as a national health id) then the portal cannot change or assign a new identifier in that domain.
To start the editing process, click the pencil icon on the Identity panel.

Changing Identifiers

Changing an identifier is not recommended if the administrative panel was not the original source of the identifier. It is good practice to correct invalid identifiers on the source system.
If you're editing an identifier on a master record, then the identifier originally sent by the source system will not be changed, only the Record Of Truth record will carry the new identifier.
To change an identifier you can simply edit the identifier. Additionally, you can remove any identifiers you do not wish to be attached to the record.
Editing an Identifier

Adding an Identifier

To add an identifier to the patient's record you can select the identity domain of identifier to be added, and add the identifier to the list.

Identifier Generators

SanteMPI provides API hooks to generate random identifiers based on some sort of algorithm. If an identity domain has a generator attached, a generation icon will appear next to the add button which can be used to generate the identifier.
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