Logging In

Upon navigating to the SanteDB iCDR administration panel for your deployment, the administration portal will challenge you for a login. The components of the login screen are illustrated below.

  • Username Input: This is a the security name which was created for your user. On a default installation of SanteDB the administrator account is Administrator. User names are case-insensitive, meaning AdMiNiStRaToR is equivalent to administrator.

  • Password Input: This is the password which was provided to you by your administrator. The default password for a SanteDB installation is Mohawk123.

  • Login: This button submits the authentication credentials you've entered to the identity provider and establishes a session for your account.

  • Forgot Password: This button initiates a password reset operation.

Forgot Password

To initiate the password reset workflow, click the Forgot Password button, this will open a new dialog which will permit the entry of a username.

Next, enter the answer to the provided security challenge question.

Finally, enter the new password for your user account, the password should adhere to the jurisdictions password complexity and history requirements.

Your jurisdiction may have enabled SMS or e-mail password reset mechanisms. If this is the case, you will receive an e-mail link or SMS code with a one time password for password reset.

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