SanteGuard does not provide a discrete series of pages in the SanteDB administrative panel per-se. Rather, SanteGuard extends existing pages in the SanteDB solutions product catalogue with information panels which show the audit repository in context of the page being viewed.

Validating SanteGuard is Installed

The tabs which are discussed in this wiki page may not be present on your copy of SanteDB. To validate whether the SanteGuard plugin is installed, consult the Server Status page and ensure the SanteGuard plugin is enabled.

User Activity Tab

The user activity tab is added to the Managing User Accountsdetail page in the administrative panel and is designed to show activities that the currently viewed user has undertaken in the context of the SanteDB deployment.

Audit & Access Trail Tab

The audit and access trail tab appears on support data elements (users, groups, devices, applications, Patients, Places, Facilities, etc.). This tab shows the actions done to the object being viewed and is useful to understand which changes and disclosures have occurred for the current audit:

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