SOP: Onboarding new dCDR Device


SanteDB's dCDR software support self-service registration of dCDR instances provided the user self-enrolling the device has proper permissions (Create Device). The self-service procedure will vary depending on:

  • The dCDR plugins and customizations performed (i.e. the MEMPI RegApp is different than TImR App self-service enrolment)

  • The strategy for the dCDR instance (online or synchronized)

  • The subscription architecture of the dCDR instances (identifier, catchment, etc.)

Use Procedure When


Before Beginning

Procedures / Tasks

  1. When the dCDR interface opens with the initial configuration screen enter the onboarding information:

    1. Device name following the established naming conventions

    2. Use as the realm

    3. Modify the client secret information to match the modified client secret sent to you (should be in the operational documentation)

    4. Ensure Use TLS is selected

    5. Join the domain

  2. Follow the onboarding procedure documented in SanteDB dCDR Instances

  3. When prompted to select an optimization strategy select the slowest network speed (highest compression rate - 2g/Dial Up)

  4. Allow the initial synchronization to complete (there should be a notification that initial synchronization is complete)

After Completion

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