SanteDB solutions such as SanteMPI, SanteIMS, and the generic CDR are installed in a similar manner. This section provides resources on the planning, preparation, installation and securing of SanteDB iCDR and dCDR software packages.

It is recommended that readers review the SanteDB Architecture documentation to become familiar with the high level concepts of SanteDB architecture.

Installation for Development

When installing SanteDB in a development environment, we recommendUsing Docker Containersfor your iCDR instance and then Installing the dCDR SDK.

You can then clone the starter code project and follow the Getting Started article to start developing SanteDB applications!

Production Deployments

Installing SanteDB in a production environment is an involved process which is dependent on the nature of the environment (hospital, province, national, etc.) as well as the specific requirements of the project management office involved.

The SanteDB has collected a high-level guide to the deployment of the SanteDB services like SanteMPI in our Operationalizing SanteDB guide.

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