This page provides a summary of the SanteDB architecture. The "source of truth" for this architecture can be found in the SanteDB Functional Design Specification (

Overall Architecture

SanteDB is actually made up of several software components which operate together to form the basis of a cohesive digital health infrastructure.

At a high level, the major components of the SanteDB architecture are:

  • SanteDB Server (iCDR) - The iCDR is the primary platform component of the SanteSuite platform. The SanteDB iCDR is responsible (at a high level) for:

    • Maintenance of individuals’ medical records

    • Scheduling and maintenance of medical appointments

    • Forecasting schedules and demand

    • Integration with infrastructural systems such as Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), educational systems, etc.

  • SanteDB Disconnected CDR (dCDR) - The dCDR is actually a collection of disconnected solutions which integrate with SanteDB's iCDR. These solutions include:

    • Disconnected Client - Which is a thick client application running on Linux, Windows, or Android which operates offline and hosts a user interface. These applications are designed for end-users to access the user interface in partially connected environments.

    • Disconnected Gateway - Which is actually a server which runs on Windows and Linux and allows multiple devices within a clinic to operate offline. This solution is best used when there is a reliable wireless LAN but no WAN connectivity. The disconnected server supports HL7v2, HL7 FHIR, as well as the sync protocol

  • Standards Based Systems - Includes any software which leverages HL7 FHIR, HL7v2 or any of the other standards which SanteDB iCDR or dCDR support.

Upon these base level components a series of products or "solutions" are packaged. These solutions include:

  • SanteMPI - A master patient index based on the SanteDB platform

  • SanteEMR - A general purpose EMR platform based on the SanteDB platform

  • SanteGuard - A general purpose Audit Repository based on the SanteDB platform

  • OpenIZ / SanteIMS - An Immunization Management System (IMS)