Testing the Role textbox from Security Properties with multiple valid roles.



Users can be assigned multiple roles/groups that could have various policies and permissions. A valid Role Name of an existing Group must be searched one at a time as each is entered and/or selected within a single textbox.

Pre-Conditions / Setup

  1. User must be logged into an account with policies granted for creating users.

  2. Multiple Role Names corresponding to groups must exist to assign to a user (see TEST: SECURITY-GRM-01 for successful Group creation).

  3. Navigate to Administration Panel / Security / Users / Create User by clicking the Create button on the Administration Panel / Security / Users / Index page.


1. Select the Role textbox within the Security Properties section.

2. Click on an existing group's Role Name in the dropdown menu (e.g. "USERS" has been selected here).

3. Begin entering the string value of another existing group's Role Name until it is the only matching Role Name appearing in the dropdown menu (e.g. "sensi" is being entered here and only matches "SENSITIVE_USERS" as intended).

4. Press the Enter key.

Expected Behaviour

  • Multiple tags appear, each representing a Role Name of a group and can be removed from the Role textbox.

  • Policies and permissions for the Role Name(s) in the Role textbox are applied upon creation of the corresponding user (see TEST: SECURITY-UM-01).

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