HIE & Interoperability
SanteDB is designed with a variety interoperability interfaces and standards, including:
    HL7 Version 2.3 and Version 2.5 messaging
    HL7 FHIR
    GS1 BMS 3.3
    OpenID Connect Identity Provider
    OpenAPI / Swagger 2.0 Metadata Exchange
Each of these interfaces are enabled/disabled based on the role that SanteDB is operating in. For example, if SanteDB needs to act as an MPI then the GS1 and ATNA interfaces are disabled (along with related user interface platforms).

Health Information Exchange Roles

SanteDB can be integrated into HIE architecture (including OpenHIE) in a variety of roles and can be used to fill in missing functions. Some roles in which SanteDB can be configured.
HIE Role
SanteDB Configuration
Client Registry
    SanteDB MDM Plugin
    SanteDB Matcher Plugin
    SanteDB FHIR Plugin (restricted down)
    SanteDB HL7 Plugin
    SanteMPI UI Plugin
Shared Health Record
    SanteDB MDM Plugin (optional configured for apps)
    SanteDB FHIR Plugin
    SanteDB HL7 Plugin
    SanteDB GS1 BMS Plugin
Audit Repository
    SanteDB FHIR Plugin
    SanteGuard Syslog Plugin
    SanteGuard Enhanced Audit Storage Plugin
    SanteGuard UI Plugin
Facility Registry
    SanteDB MDM Plugin
    SanteDB Matcher Plugin
    SanteDB FHIR Plugin
Product Registry
    SanteDB MDM Plugin
    SanteDB Matcher Plugin
    SanteDB FHIR Plugin
    SanteDB GS1 Plugin
Identity Provider / User Registry
    SanteDB OAUTH / OpenID Plugins
While SanteDB can be integrated into any standards compliant HIE (including OpenHIE), it doesn't require a full HIE infrastructure to operate properly and securely. It can be used as a launch point into a broader e-health infrastructure (i.e. it is possible to launch SanteDB based solutions without an HIE and then build an HIE around it)


There are additional product features which have been identified as part of the SanteDB roadmap which would facilitate leveraging SanteDB in other future roles.
    XACML Interface - The SanteDB internal policy framework was modeled after the patterns defined in XACML (PEP, PDP, PIP).
    HL7v3 & IHE PIX/PDQv3 - The SanteDB database is primarily based on concepts from the HL7 RIM which HL7v3 is also based on this infrastructure, implementation of the v3 interfaces can be implemented.
    IHE XDS and SVS Interface - To properly support being in consent directive management service the service should accept BPPC consent documents.
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