The probes screen shows a summary of all installed IDiagnosticsProbe implementations on the dCDR or iCDR to which the administration panel is connected. These probes provide a real-time reading of available operating system and internal system data.

Probes are used to diagnose the overall health and status of the server. Any plugin can implement an IDiagnosticsProbe (see: Documentation) for any reading it wishes to emit to administrators.

By default the probes on SanteDB are:


Thread Pool

SanteDB iCDR and dCDR use their own ThreadPool for asynchronous operations. This implementation allows cross-platform use of a consistent thread pool without consuming the underlying .NET thread pool.

Pool Size: The maximum number of concurrent actions allowed in the thread pool

Pool Use: The number of worker threads which are currently busy servicing requests

Queue Depth: The number of waiting tasks which are waiting for an available worker.


The machine probe shows underlying use statistics from the host environment on which the iCDR or dCDR is running. Currently these probes values are only available on Windows Operating Systems.

CPU Use: The % use of all CPUs on the iCDR or dCDR machine

Memory Use: The % use of system memory on the iCDR or dCDR machine

Disk Use: The % busy time of the disk infrastructure on the iCDR or dCDR machine


The REST server pool probe is used for diagnosing issues on the REST based API. In SanteDB the REST APIs use their own thread pool (separate from the system thread pool), this thread pool use statistic shows the occupation of HTTP requests waiting to be processed.

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