Installation on Virtual or Physical Environments

You can install SanteDB iCDR on Microsoft Windows or Linux / Unix operations on x86 or ARM. The option to install SanteDB iCDR services on a full operating system is well suited for environments where:
  • There is a need to finely tune the SanteDB configuration files
  • There is a predefined TRA and PIA process which requires hardened / vetted operating system installations.
  • There is existing Operating System environments in place, examples include:
    • Existing Application Performance Monitoring software which relies on a specific Operating System
    • Existing authentication/administration infrastructure (such as Active Directory)
    • Existing event log / notification shipping in infrastructure.
  • There are requirements for hardware level isolation of the SanteDB services
  • There are complex scaling requirements (such as using Windows scaling or clustered file servers)
  • The environment's use of Windows only features in SanteDB. Windows only features include:
    • Using Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) dispatcher queues
    • Using Microsoft Windows Event Log notifications for central event monitoring
    • Using Microsoft Operation Manager to coordinate update and software package installation.


If installing SanteDB iCDR on a native or virtualized operating system environments administrators will need to ensure the following pre-requisites are met:
  • An appropriate operating system version is installed, patched and ready for installation of the SanteDB iCDR Application Server.
  • An appropriate database environment (primarily PostgreSQL) is installed, patched and can accept connections from the SanteDB iCDR Application Server.