Publish / Subscribe Architecture

SanteDB iCDR and dCDR supports basic subscription management. This facility allows external parties to subscribe (via a subscription) to data persistence events, at which they they will receive a notification (via a channel) using one of the available dispatch formats.

The components of the publish and subscribe architecture are:

Repository Service

The primary persistence repositories. These are responsible for the persisting and loading of data to/from the primary data persistence layer.

Record Merging Service

The service which is responsible for merging and unmerging records, detecting duplicates, etc.

MDM Record Merging SIM Record Merging

PubSub Broker

The publish/subscribe broker is responsible for brokering the publish and subscribe events to/from the manager service. The broker subscribes to events from the repository and merging service, ad then queues these messages on the configured IDispatcherQueueService

Dispatcher Queue

The dispatcher queue service is responsible for interacting with a persistent queue technology and enqueueing and dequeuing those messages.

MSMQ Dispatcher Queue File Dispatcher Queue

PubSub Manager

The pub/sub manager service is responsible for maintaining the registration of subscriptions and the related channel configuration.

Ado PubSubManager

Dispatcher Factory

The dispatcher factory is responsible for constructing dispatcher instances based on a particular outbound message format.

FHIR Message Dispatcher Factory FHIR Rest Hook Dispatcher Factory (coming) HL7v2 Dispatcher Factory


The dispatcher is the class which is responsible for converting the RIM based internal formatted notification to an appropriate notification in the format specified for the receiver.

FHIR Message Dispatcher FHIR RestHook Dispatcher

Publish/Subscribe Manager Schema

The PubSubManager stores data for subscriptions and channels in a concise schema.


Subscriptions are defined with a target resource (such as Patient, Act, Entity, Person, Place, etc.). The subscription defines one or more events and a series of filters which will trigger the issuance of a notification to the receiver.

The following notification events can be subscribed.


Triggered when a subscribed resource's Inserted event is fired.


Triggered when the subscribed resource's Updated event is fired.


Triggered when the subscribed resource's Obsoleted event is fired.


Triggered when the subscribed resource's merging service fires the Merged event.


Triggered when the subscribed resource's merging service fires the UnMerged event.

The notifications for each event are triggered by any internal update/change to data in the iCDR. This means that updates, merges, etc. received via FHIR, HL7v2, or even the user interfaces will trigger notifications.


A channel defines the mechanism to notify the receiver of the publish notification. The channel specifies the endpoint URL (mailto:, sms:, http:, llp:, etc.) the dispatcher to be used, and any settings. Settings are stored as key/value pairs which, depending on the dispatcher will be used to determine the channel format, authorization, etc.

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