Master Data Management Tab

The Master Data Management tab is used to control the links controlled by the Master Data Storage plugin in SanteDB.

The Master Data Management tab will not appear when:

  • The user does not have the appropriate MDM policy permissions

  • The record being viewed is not under MDM control

  • The MDM plugin is not enabled on the iCDR server

Local Records

The MDM layer captures the type of classification of link between the source record and its master. The types of classifications which are listed are:


When a source record is unlinked from the master, the MDM layer will perform its unlinking logic.

  1. The relationship between the source and the current master is removed

  2. A new master link for the unlinked source is created (with classification system)

  3. An ignore instruction is added for the unlinked record and the old master (so they are not re-matched)

  4. The re-match process is invoked

Candidate Records

To resolve a candidate link:

  1. View the details of the match to see the attributes in each record which were considered for matching.

  2. If needed click on the View button to see details about the candidates.

  3. Make a determination about the candidate pair:

    1. If the candidate is a match (they represent the same person) click the Resolve button to link the two

    2. If the candidate is not a match (they represent different people) click the Ignore button

Match Details

Click on the candidate details button will open a popup window which illustrates the individual attribute values in both the current master and the candidate. This allows administrators to determine the reason why the two records are considered candidates for linking.

Ignored Candidates

The ignored candidates panel shows the list of candidate (source) records for the current master which are considered definite non-matches (and should be ignored for future matching).

Like the candidates view, it is possible to perform gather an updated match report by clicking on Details. Users may also un-ignore the record if they feel the ignored (non-match) candidate may be a candidate for matching the master.

If the source system (that which sent the data to the SanteMPI instance) updates their own information about the source record, then the data will be reflected in the ignored candidates row. It is possible that newer versions of the ignored patient may result in a previously ignored candidate becoming a match candidate (however due to the ignore statement they are excluded from the matching).

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