Resetting the configuration of the Windows & Linux Applications

Issue: You wish to reset the configuration of the Disconnected Client so you may join a different security realm, or you can subscribe to a different facility, or you wish to purge all local data from you instance of OpenIZ Disconnected Client.

Applies To:

  • OpenIZ Disconnected Client for Windows

  • OpenIZ Disconnected Client for Linux


There are three ways to wipe the configuration of the OpenIZ disconnected client.

  1. By having the application reset the environment:

    1. Close all running instances of the OpenIZ Disconnected Client

    2. Press Start

    3. Navigate to Open Immunize

    4. Click "Reset OpenIZ Disconnected Client"

    5. Press "Yes" when prompted

  2. In a command window 1. Open a command prompt window 2. On Linux type the command : **

    ~/usr/share/openiz/dc/bin/gtkclient --reset

    1. On Windows type the command:

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mohawk College\OpenIZ\Disconnected Client\DisconnectedClient.exe --reset"

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