Testing the Username textbox from the Core Properties with a duplicate non-deleted user.



The Username textbox has UI that prevents Username re-use that is supportive of user un-deletion included within the architecture of SanteSuite.

Pre-Conditions / Setup

  1. User must be logged into an account with policies granted for creating users.

  2. A non-deleted user must have been created previously with the name "ClinicalStaffUser123". See TEST: SECURITY-UM-01 for user creation or TEST: SECURITY-UM-39 for user un-deletion.

  3. Navigate to Administration Panel / Security / Users / Create User by clicking the Create button on the Administration Panel / Security / Users / Index page.


1. Select the Username textbox within the Core Properties section.

2. Enter a Username that is a duplicate of an existing un-deleted user in the Username textbox (e.g. "ClinicalStaffUser123" after TEST: SECURITY-UM-01).

Expected Behaviour

  • Red prompt should appear beneath the Username textbox stating, "duplicate record detected".

  • User should not be created successfully by clicking save while all required Security Properties and Demographic Properties are provided with valid values.

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