Retention Policies

Administrators can specify optional retention policies which use the ADO.NET Data Archiving and Shipping service in order to purge/obsolete data which is no longer clinically relevant.

When enabled, the retention policy feature will create a JOB on system startup which will ensure that data is retained according to the administrator configured policies.


Policy Variables

Allows the specification of variables (like cutoff dates, environment variables, etc.) which can be used in the retention policy definitions.

Collection if .NET C# Expressions

Policy Definitions

The specification of one or more data retention policies which the policy retention service will apply.

Job Status

When ENABLED the retention policy will be enabled on system startup.



The days of the week when the scheduled job of retention should be applied.

Day of Week

Start On

The date/time when the job should be started (time indicates the time the job will start)


Stop On

The date/time when the job should no longer be triggered


Stop This Event

When true, the Stop On property is enforced, when false the job will run on the schedule indefinitely.



If you want to run the retention job on an interval rather than on a particular kickoff time each day of the week, use the interval here in seconds.


Use Interval

When TRUE the interval value is used and the job is triggered on a regular timer. When FALSE the job is scheduled to execute on the Start On time.


Retention Policy Definition

The retention service requires the definition of retention policies which need to be applied.


Applies To

The resource type that the policy applies to.

Note: SanteDB Resources use inheritance so a binding to Person applies to Patient, Person, and Provider


Exclude Filter

The HDSI query filters of objects which DO NOT APPLY to this retention policy.

Include Filter

The HDSI query filters for objects which DO APPLY to this retention policy.


An informative name to show in logs and notifications.

Males > 10 yo

Retention Policy

The actual policy which should be applied to the retention of data.

Retention Policies

The retention policy on a policy definition indicates the action that the service should take on data which matches Include Filter but is not in Exclude Filter.

PolicyDescriptionExample Action


Purges (permanently erases) data from the primary database. The data is no longer stored. For versioned resources, a resource pointer is maintained with a status key of PURGED.

Purge all Obsolete Patients


Obsoletes (logically erases) data from the primary database. The data continues to exist in the primary database however it does not appear in user interfaces.

Obsolete all Patients > 10 years old


Copies the data from the primary database (in the ADO.NET Data Persistence Service configuration) to the archive database (in the ADO.NET Archiving and Shipping configuration)

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