SOP: Onboarding new HL7v2 Device


This procedure follows the correct procedures to follow when onboarding a new HL7v2 device on the SanteDB iCDR. The example here uses the procedures to setup a copy of OpenMRS 1.9.x running the SanteDB Client Registry Module in HL7v2 mode (note: this procedure will be different based on the client software being configured)

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Before Beginning

Procedures / Tasks

  1. Create the Device in the SanteDB administrative panel

    1. Access the SanteDB Administrative Portal byLogging In

    2. Access the Security Administration menu item

      1. Name of the device in HL7v2 format : COMRS192|NAME_OF_FACILITY_DEVICE_ID (note: COMRS192 is the application registration for OpenMRS 1.9.2 and NAME_OF_FACILITY_DEVICE_ID should be the name of the facility in the standardized device format)

      2. Enter the Model Name of the server hardware (example: Lenovo ThinkCenter ST40)

      3. Enter the Operating System Name (example: Ubuntu Linux 20.04)

      4. Enter the MRP and/or facility where the device resides

    3. Press Save

  2. Setup the OpenMRS instance at the clinic

    1. Ensure that the MPI or SanteDB server is available from the clinic site (i.e. connected to internet)

    2. Install the OpenMRS MPI Client Module into the OpenMRS instance

    3. Click on the Admin page and then Advanced Settings in the OpenMRS instance

    4. Scroll to the relevant settings and use the following parameters:

      1. mpi-client.endpoint.pdq.addr :

      2. mpi-client.endpoint.pdq.port : 2400

      3. mpi-client.endpoint.pix.addr :

      4. mpi-client.endpoint.pix.port : 2400

      5. :

      6. : audit-tls

      7. : 11515

      8. : VALUE FROM STEP 1.6 ABOVE+OMRS393_#948

      9. mpi-client.msg.sendingApplication : OMRS192

      10. mpi-client.msg.sendingFacility : NAME_OF_FACILITY_DEVICE_ID (from 1.4.1 above)

      11. mpi-client.msg.remoteApplication : EXAMPLE_COM_MPI

      12. mpi-client.msg.remoteFacility : DC_CENTRAL

      13. : Patient ID=LOCAL_ID,National ID=NAT_HEALTH_ID

      14. : ELBONIA

      15. : MPI_KEY_UUID


      17. : NAT_HEALTH_ID

      18. : false

    5. Press the Savebutton

    6. Visit the Search MPI Patient link in the header and enter the search query TEST_VALIDATE - a single patient result should be returned

After Completion

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