Diagnostics Settings

The diagnostics settings panel can be used to control the logging infrastructure in the SanteDB iCDR host server. The configuration panel provides an enumeration of the registered log sources and allows administrators to set each log level for independent services.

The writers section allows for the setting of an output method for the diagnostic sources.

WriterDescriptionInitialization Data


Outputs diagnostic logs to the console. Only useful for running SanteDB in console mode.


Outputs diagnostics logs to a file on the disk.

The filename of the log file


Emits diagnostics logs to the System Debugging output. In Windows you can use dbgview.exe to see these messages.


Emits diagnostics logs to the SanteDB diagnostics event source in the Windows Event Log

Additionally, the global filter can be set for the writer, or each trace source.

Log LevelContents


Any log which is generated by the component is emitted to the diagnostic writer.


Detailed logging is enabled. This include errors, warnings, critical service faults, debugging information, enter/exit events.


Logs should contain errors, warnings, critical faults, and high level diagnostic information such as status of jobs, message issues, etc.


Logs should only contain warnings, errors and critical service faults. Warnings are typically errors which can be safely ignored or don't result in failed transactions.


Logs should only contain errors and critical service faults. Errors are exceptional cases which cause transactions to not be processed.


Logs should only contain data related to critical system failures where the SanteDB host process stops or becomes unresponsive.

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