SanteDB iCDR Host Command

The SanteDB iCDR server runs via the SanteDB.exe file located in the following default installation directories:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: C:\Program Files\SanteSuite\SanteDB\Server\SanteDB.exe

  • Linux Operating Systems: /opt/santesuite/santedb/server/SanteDB.exe

This process can be used to operate one or more IMS services.

Getting Started

Configuration of Host

When you install the SanteDB iCDR server, the application (by default) has no configuration file. The default configuration file is santedb.config.xml , this file can be created by running ConfigTool.exe (as illustrated here) .

For more information, see the SanteDB Configuration documentation.

Command Options

The following options can be used on the SanteDB.exe command





Run as an application rather than a service.



Tests the configuration file (for startup) then stops .



Named instance to configure as a windows service



Load an alternate configuration file



Generate an empty configuration file.


Install the SanteSuite community certificates into the local trust store for the server

Running in Linux / MacOS

To run the SanteDB.exe process in a terminal you can the following command:

mono /opt/sante-suite/santedb/server/SanteDB.exe --console

Additionally the service can be installed into your operating system by copying the service definition from /opt/santesuite/santedb/server/santedb.service to your distribution's appropriate directory.

Then you can control the service by running:

systemctl start santedb

Folder Structure

The SanteDB iCDR server uses a folder structure as illustrated below.

The folders are:

  • applets - Applet PAK files which control the behavior, business rules, BI definitions, and common user interface elements. These files are documented more in the Applets wiki page.

  • data - Dataset files which are installed by the SanteDB host service on start. These files contain common terminology, identity domains, places, etc. See the Dataset Files wiki page.

  • plugins - This folder is used by FirebirdSQL to load custom SQL plugins.

  • queue - This folder is the default location of the file-system based persistent queue service. This directory stores outbound messages and has a dead-letter queue for retry.

    • Note: Future persistent queue plugins may use databases or queue technologies in lieu of this directory.

  • match - This folder contains one or more match definition files and is the default directory for the file system match configuration provider.

    • Note: Future match configuration providers will use databases or other technologies for storing/reading match configurations.

  • sql - This folder contains SQL files that you will need to deploy the SanteDB databases including:

    • fbsql/ - Core SQL in Firebird SQL syntax to create a new database

    • psql/ - Core SQL in PL/PGSQL syntax to create a new database

    • updates/ - Patches to the database which should be applied in-order

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