dCDR Subscription Definition Provider

ISubscriptionRepository in assembly SanteDB.Core.Api version


Represents a repository which maintains subscription definitions


This service is used to maintain instances of SubscriptionDefinition which contain SQL (or other query grammar) to allow dCDR instances to easily query data on the HDSI interface using the _subscription parameter. The HDSI maps the subscription ID with the local data provider and then executes the appopriate query against the persistence layer to ensure fast synchronization of new data.


AppletSubscriptionRepository - (SanteDB.Core.Applets)

An implementation of the ISubscriptionRepository that loads definitions from applets

Service Registration

<section xsi:type="ApplicationServiceContextConfigurationSection" threadPoolSize="4">
		<add type="SanteDB.Core.Applets.Services.Impl.AppletSubscriptionRepository, SanteDB.Core.Applets, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" />

Example Implementation

/// Example Implementation
using SanteDB.Core.Services;
/// Other usings here
public class MySubscriptionRepository : SanteDB.Core.Services.ISubscriptionRepository { 
	public String ServiceName => "My own ISubscriptionRepository service";


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