HL7v2 Test Cases Instructions

Steps taken to run the hl7 test cases

Pull santempi:

Pull santempi repository from github : https://github.com/santedb/santempi.git

Install docker containers:

Having docker installed, run the following command inside santempi/instant directory where the docker-compose.yml file exists to spin up docker containers.

 docker compose -f docker-compose.yml up

It also can be done by running the "docker-compose.ui.yml" file but the ui component is not necessary here

Get sdbac(santedb admin console) from latest release

Get the latest sdbac release from github: https://github.com/santedb/santedb-server/releases

Download the sdbac.zip and extract the files.

Configure santempi instances for pre-conditions setup

1-Run the following commands inside sdbac directory where the sdbac.exe is located or run the sdbac.exe directly.

The command prompt should be run in administrative mode


2-Insert the credentials for Username and Password.

3-Wait for the system to get ready

4-Run the following commands:

To create TEST_HARNESS application run:

application.add TEST_HARNESS -s TEST_HARNESS

To create TEST_HARNESS|TEST device run:


To create TEST identity domain and set the assigned authority to TEST_HARNESS run:

aa.add -n TEST -o 2.16.840.1.113883. -u http://ohie.org/test/test -d 'OpenHIE Test Domain' -a TEST_HARNESS

Pull hl7-testing-tool:

Pull hl7-testing-tool from github: https://github.com/santedb/hl7-testing-tool.git

Run hl7-testing-tool:

Run hl7-testing-tool solution with visual studio.

They can be run as an entire test suite or an individual test case or test step.

For a test step to pass all mandatory assertions and at least one of alternate assertions for the same terserstring must pass.

For more information about how the tool works please visit The README section in hl7-testing-tool repository at github: https://github.com/santedb/hl7-testing-tool/blob/main/README.md

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