In SanteDB, an applet represents a collection of HTML5, JavaScript, and XML files which are used to solve a particular problem.

Applets are the foundation of extending SanteDB. An applet can contain:

  • Custom user interface components (using CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, and HTML5)

  • Custom Business Rules written using the SanteDB Business Rules engine

  • Custom Reports written using the embedded reporting engine (those which operate in all SanteDB environments)

  • Clinical Decision Support Rules (CDSS) written using XML formatted when/then commands

  • Custom View-Model files which instruct SanteDB how to render JSON to consumer applications

  • Translations and localization settings for a particular locale

  • Custom matching configurations used for the SanteDB Matching Algorithms

  • Clinical Template Definitions which contain the validation rules, entry and render forms, and structure of clinical data

In order to develop SanteDB applets, you'll need a few tools:

  • The SanteDB Software Development Kit - Contains the necessary tools to debug and package your applet.

  • An HTML5 + JavaScript Editor - We recommend Visual Studio Code, but any editor will do the trick

  • (Optional) An XML Editor - An XML editor is highly recommended, especially if you're going to be doing heavy editing of SanteDB's CDSS, BI, DataSet, ViewModel or Subscription services.

Getting Started

Getting started with SanteDB applet authoring is easy

  1. Download and install the latest SanteDB SDK:

  2. Clone the starter applet source code:

  3. Start your favorite code editor!

To test your applet, you can run the Applet Debugging Environment (ADE)

sdb-ade --applet=path_to_source_code --ref=org.santedb.core --ref=org.santedb.uicore ...


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