This page documents a SanteDB 3.0 Feature

In SanteDB and is derived products: SanteEMR, SanteIMS, etc. the concept of a Material is used to express any physical object which is used to deliver care. This includes:

  • Types / Classifications of materials (see: Determiner Codes)

  • Manufactured types of materials (such a trade names, products, etc.)

  • Lot numbers (individual orderable instances of the material)

Take, for example, the material of HPV - HPV is modeled in SanteDB as:


  • HPV Unspecified Formulation is a Material with a DeterminerConcept of DescribedKind and a code of VaccineType-HPV (linking to an unspecified formulation)

  • Two Products are defined:

    • Guardasil4 10 Dose Vials is a ManufacturedMaterial with DeterminerConcept of QualifiedKind, a relationship of ManufacturedProduct with Organization Pfizer as the supplier/manufacturer, and a Has Generalization relationship with Quantity of 10 to the generic HPV (i.e. 1 Guardasil4 10 Dose Vial is 10 HPV Unspecified Formulation) and a TypeConcept of VaccineType-HPV4

    • Guardasil9 10 Dose Vials with the same linkages

  • Two Lot numbers defined as:

    • Lot #0293 which is an instance of Guardasil4 10 Dose Vials

    • Lot #3982 which is an instance of Guardasil4 10 Dose Vials

To manage materials, administrators should use Reference Data > Materials this will present the administrator with a list of all top level material definitions in SanteDB.

The administrator can use this screen to:

  • Create a new material definition in the SanteDB instance

  • Export the master material list as a dataset to be imported into another SanteDB instance

  • View an existing registered material

  • Delete or UnDelete a registered material

Creating Materials

Creating a new material definition is accessed via the Material List. First the material core properties are configured


Materials typically also carry one or more identifiers which are used for interoperability with logistics systems, and other trading partners.

Depending on your deployment of SanteDB, there may be additional identifier types which are required to facilitate interoperability. Please consult your local deployment documentation.

Extended Attributes

Additionally, the creation of a material may also specify additional extended attributes

Material Details

The material details page shows all relevant information associated with the material including:

  • Core properties of the material

  • The relationships of one material to another

  • Products and lot number associated with the material

Any of the data in the panels can be changed by selecting the edit option for the material panel.

Bundling Materials

When a material is bundled with another, use the Bundle Items tab. Administrators should then select the material associated and the quantity of the material incuded. I.e. for every 1 of the current material n of the linked material is used.

Adding Products

To add a product to a material, select the Products tab. This will display a list of all products which are related to the current material.

A new product is created by selecting Add and entering the related material details.

Administrators can delete products as well using the product screen.

Deleting the Product also hides all associated lot numbers for that product, and prevents further syncrhonization to dCDR clients. It is recommended to use the status indiator instead.

Adding Lot / Batch Numbers

Batches and lots can be added to the material via the Lot Numbers tab, which shows a summary of all lot numbers registered for the material.

To add a lot number, the Add option can be used, alternatively the Edit option can be used to edit a single instance of the batch.

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