Testing the Reset button for the Invalid Logins count from the Security Properties in the Security tab.



The number of invalid login attempts per user is stored as a user's security property. This number can be edited only by resetting it to zero.

Pre-Conditions / Setup

  1. User must be logged into an account with policies granted for creating users.

  2. Follow the instructions from TEST: SECURITY-UM-01 to create a new user -- applying any valid values for required fields.

  3. User being tested must attempt to login with an incorrect password at least once.

  4. Follow the instructions from TEST: SECURITY-UM-21 to navigate to Administration Panel / Security / Users / Edit User for the newly created user.


1. Click the pencil in the top right-hand corner of Security Properties to edit them.

2. Click the Reset button beside the Invalid Logins property.

3. Click the OK button when the confirmation prompt appears in the browser.

5. Click the green checkmark to save the edited Invalid Logins.

Expected Behaviour

  • After the OK button in step 3 is clicked, the changes do not get saved until after step 5 and will be undone if step 5 is not taken.

  • The number of Invalid Logins is reset after step 3 and displays "0".

  • After step 5, the number of invalid logins is saved.

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