Testing the New/Confirm Password textboxes for mismatching passwords from Security Properties.



A new password and confirmation password must match to be accepted as valid during user creation or password reset.

Pre-Conditions / Setup

  1. User must be logged into an account with policies granted for creating users.

  2. Navigate to Administration Panel / Security / Users / Create User by clicking the Create button on the Administration Panel / Security / Users / Index page.


1. Enter "Clinic@l123" in the New Password textbox.

2. Enter any string not matching "Clinic@l123" in the Confirm Password textbox.

Expected Behaviour

  • A red error message should appear below the Confirm Password textbox stating that "passwords must match".

  • Nothing should occur if all other required fields are provided valid values and the Save button is clicked (see TEST: SECURITY-UM-01 for successful creation and TEST: SECURITY-UM-02 for required fields missing).

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