GS1 BMS XML Service

When enabled, the GS1 BMS XML Service enables the GS1 services on SanteDB iCDR. The configuration modifies the behavior of the receiving and soliciting endpoints for BMS messages.


Auto Create Materials

When true, the GS1 service will automatically create new materials and manufactured materials from inbound GS1 messages. When false, the endpoint will reject requests which do not have matching materials in SanteDB.


Content Owner AA

Identifies the assigning authority to use whenever a GS1 message is missing an authority on the contentOwner node, and/or does not carry a GLN (or when jurisdictions don't use GLN)

Domain Name of AA

Queue Name

When sending notifications to a GS1 broker, the name of the persistent queue where notification information should be stored.

Name of Queue

GS1 Broker / AS.2 MIME

When communicating with a GS1 broker, true if the message should be sent using AS.2 (MIME encoded attachments). When FALSE, all requests use POX HTTP requests (POST of XML).

User Name

The user name to use (HTTP BASIC AUTH) when communicating with the remote GS1 broker.


When using BASIC authentication, the password to send with all requests

PKI Authentication

When true, instructs the SanteDB instance to use client certificates to authenticate itself against the remote broker. When false, BASIC is used.


Client Certificate

The Client Certificate configuration to use to authenticate the node against the remote broker.

See: Client Certificate settings for more detail


When true, all messages sent to the remote broker will be traced into the logging file.


The endpoint(s) where GS1 messages should be sent (the addresses of the remote endpoint broker)

Partner AA

The assigning authority where trading partner information identification should be assigned. If not using GLN this is the authority or identity domain of remote trading parties.

Authority Domain Name

Partner ID

The trading partner identification of the local SanteDB iCDR trading partner.

Contact Email

The administrative contact e-mail address which SanteDB iCDR should append to all outbound GS1 messages.

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