Patient Identity Feed – Minimal data set

This test ensures that the receiver does not reject a message containing only an identifier, and one of gender, date of birth, mother’s identifier. This test makes no assertion about merging/matching patients


This test mimics the environment whereby a newborn demographic with minimal patient information (gender and date of birth) can be stored by the client registry and faithfully returned with an appropriate query to the interface.

This test validates the MPI/CR's ability to link a mother's record with a newborn's record, and to query that data back from the MPI. This option uses the Pediatrics Demographics Option in section 8.2.1 of the IHE Patient Demographics Query

This test is only required if the Client Registry is implementing the Pediatrics option and supports the ability to query/link mothers with children.

Pre-Conditions / Setup

All conditions from OHIE-CR-02 should be completed prior to running this test suite.

If the SanteMPI instance is configured to use Msh8 security and not node authentication, then the MSH-8 value of all test messages must contain TEST_HARNESS+TEST_HARNESS

Register Mother's Demographic

The test harness sends an ADT^A01 message with the mother's patient demographics

PID|||RJ-439^^^TEST||JONES^JENNIFER^^^^^M|SMITH^^^^^^L|19840125|F|||123 Main Street West ^^NEWARK^NJ^30293||^PRN^PH^^^409^30495||||||

Register Patient with Minimal Demographics

Test harness sends an ADT^A01 message with minimal data set containing information for a newborn with only an identifier, gender and date of birth. The PID-6 (Mother's Maiden Name), PID-21 (Mother's Identifier), and PID-24 (Multiple Birth Indicator).


Expected Behaviour

  • Receiver Accepts Message with an AA

  • MSH-5 and MSH-6 matches TEST_HARNESS|TEST

  • Response is ACK^A01

  • Response is version 2.3.1

Query for Minimal Patient using Patient's Identifier

Test harness verifies the infant record was created in the receiver.

QPD|IHE PIX Query|Q0530|RJ-441^^^TEST^PI

Expected Behaviour

  • Receiver responds with an AA

  • Receiver sends exactly one PID segment with identifier RJ-441 in domain TEST in PID-3

Query for Newborn using Mother's Identifier

Test harness verifies the receiver can resolve the newborn demographic based on the identifier of the mother.

QPD|Q22^Find Candidates^HL7|Q0540|@PID.21.1^RJ-439~@PID.21.3.4^TEST

Expected Behaviour

  • Receiver responds with an AA

  • Receiver sends exactly one PID segment with identifier RJ-441 in domain TEST in PID-3

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