Data Quality Tab

Whenever a patient has been sent to the SanteMPI system (or edited in the user interface), the the data quality plugin will perform validation according to rules configured on the SanteDB server.

When data quality rules are detected as violated, the issue is flagged in a data quality extension (see: Data Quality Services), and the user interface will reflect these rules.

The data quality rule will have:

  • Level - Indicates the severity of the data quality violation

  • Classification - Indicates the system class of the violation

  • ID - Indicates the unique identifier of the rule (configured by the implementation) which triggered the rule violation

  • Information - Human readable information about the violation.


The severity column will indicate the impact that the data quality violation has:



These types of data quality rules don't usually appear in the data quality tab since a violation with level of Error causes the inbound message to be rejected by the SanteDB server.


Indicates that the data quality issue needs to be investigated (may represent an issue with data collection) however it does not prevent the information from being stored.


Indicates the data quality issue is for information purposes only - there is no action required.


The classification indicates the class of detected issue (such as privacy, security, etc.)



The issue was raised due to a security constraint on the object.

  • A field was edited/provided which the sender does not have permission to set.

Formal Constraint

The issue was raised due to a formal constraint violation.

  • Birthdates in the future

  • Demographic data does not meet minimum data set.

  • Missing or invalid data detected (checksums, patterns, etc.).

Improper Code

The issue was raised because an improper / invalid code was used.

  • Use of a Gender code in Marital Status Field

Other / Unclassified

Other or unclassified reason for the issue being raised.

Already Done

The issue is being raised because an action was already performed.

  • Attempt was made to re-apply an action to the record.

Improper Data/Validation

The issue is raised because the supplied data is improper for the context in which it is used.

  • Last menstrual period observation on a male patient

  • Weight observation on a fetus.

Business Rule

The issue is raised due to a custom business rule failing validation.

  • Any custom business rule provided by the implementation was violated.

Patient Safety

The issue is raised because the data represents a patient safety concern.

  • Attempting to administer a substance to a patient where an AEFI was previously recorded.

Patient Privacy

The issue is raised because the data or action represents a patient privacy concern.

  • Attempting to change a protected field.

  • Attempting to break the glass without appropriate permission.

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