BI Render Controls

The org.santedb.bicore package, when used together with the org.santedb.uicore package provide several controls for easily rendering BI reports.

<report> Directive

The report directive renders a complete report execution control. This control is a tabbed view where users can set parameters, switch views, and control the rendering of the report.

<report id="'org.myreport'" view="'chart'" 
    parameters="{ 'from-date': '2019-01-01', 'to-date': '2020-01-01' }" />

<report-view> Directive

The report view directive is used when you want to control the rendering of a specific view and either want to specify your own hard-coded parameters, or feed the report values off of your own controls.

<report-view id="'org.myreport'" view="'myview'"
     parameters="{ 'from-date': '2019-01-01', 'to-date': '2020-01-01' }" />

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