SanteDB Operations

After you've installed your copy of SanteDB you'll be responsible for the operation of the solution throughout the lifetime of the project. This section will introduce the basic concepts of managing and maintaining a SanteDB installation.

This section is under development as part of our Enhancements to the SanteDB documentation enhancement activities.

SanteDB provides a variety of tools and methods for managing SanteDB services on a day-to-day basis.

Server Administration

The Server Administration section provides documentation on the administration of the physical or virtual server environment for SanteDB including:

pageConfiguration ToolpageServer Configuration FilepageSanteDB iCDR Host CommandpageBackup ProcedurespageLog File Management

CDR Administration

The CDR Administration topic area covers the administration of the SanteDB software. This includes topics for managing the users, roles, devices, data in the SanteDB environment using the:

pageSanteDB Administration PortalpageSanteDB Administration Console

Standard Operating Procedures

The Standard Operating Procedures topic provides example SOPs which can be adapted by countries to construct a coherent, and consistent security and CDR environment in their implementation.

pageUser Management SOPspageRole Management SOPspageDevice Management SOPspageApplication Management SOPs

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