Upgrading SanteDB iCDR with large databases

Issue: After installing an upgrade for a SanteDB iCDR server, the service starts never finishes, and it is logged that a database update has failed.

Applies To:

  • SanteDB iCDR (Version 2.1.x)


  • Upon starting the Windows Service or Linux daemon you notice that the startup takes a long time

  • When attempting to access the server via an API or dCDR you receive a 503 error

  • In the SanteDB log file there are log entries noting:

SanteDB.OrmLite.Migration.SqlFeatureUtil@ [2022-01-18T09:16:05.4466863-05:00]: Could not install 20220112-01 - Npgsql.NpgsqlException (0x80004005): Exception while reading from stream ---> System.TimeoutException: Timeout during reading attempt at Npgsql.NpgsqlConnector.<g__ReadMessageLong|194_0>d.MoveNext()Cause: This rejection is caused because the ssnAuthority has not been configured for the dCDR or iCDR. 


  1. Note the update file name in the log (example: 20220112-01) and locate the equivalent SQL file in $installdir$/data/sql/updates/20220112-PSQL.sql (note: Firebird database have -FBSQL as their suffix)

  2. Open a connection to the database using a client tool (like PGAdmin, DBeaver, etc.)

  3. Run the update file manually

  4. Kill the SanteDB host process

  5. Restart the SanteDB iCDR host process

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