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SanteGuard is a centralized audit and security repository which is compatible with SanteDB products and as well as any product using OAUTH and IHE ATNA.

What is SanteGuard?

SanteGuard is a plugin to SanteDB that integrates a powerful audit trail into the SanteDB system. SanteGuard provides several system interfaces, user interfaces, reports, and an enhanced implementation of the IAuditRepository service. At a high level, SanteGuard:

  • Allows SanteDB to receive Audit events from external systems using IETF RFC3881 or NEMA DICOM format audits over SYSLOG (TCP, UDP, and STCP).

  • Allows SanteDB to receive Audit events over HTTP using the IETF RFC3881 or DICOM audit format (POX service)

  • (Future) Allows SanteDB to receive Audit Events using HL7 FHIR

  • Stores additional information about audits not captured in the default SanteDB audit repository such as SIEM attribute son the incoming Syslog message, versioning of audit events, etc.

  • Adds several "widgets" to key areas of SanteDB (the patient summary screen for example) which allow administrators to quickly identify who has been accessing a particular patient's data.

  • (In-Progress) An enhanced audit repository dashboard.

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