SanteMPI is one of the SanteSuite Products, which allows the SanteDB iCDR to operate as a Master Patient Index - SanteMPI. The solution provides a series of plugins, API interfaces, and user interfaces to manage the registration of patients from multiple source systems within a jurisdiction.

Examples where a Master Patient Index are leveraged are:

  • Hospitals whereby multiple departmental systems require integration of a consistent patient identity.

  • Jurisdictions (states, provinces, countries, etc.) which wish to deploy consistent patient identity.

  • Research projects which require merging/harmonization of multiple data sets, etc.

This section is concerned with the data administration of the screens provided by the SanteMPI solution. For general iCDR administration tasks such as registering identity domains, managing users, etc. please consult the CDR Administrationguide.


SanteMPI DashboardSanteMPI MatchesSanteMPI SearchingSanteMPI Power SearchSanteMPI Patient DetailMatching Configuration

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