After Installing dCDR you receive an error on SecurityUser

Issue: When using the SanteDB dCDR (Gateway, Android App, etc.) , upon login you are presented with an error indicating that a property cannot be read on SecurityUser.
Applies To:
  • SanteDB dCDR Gateway Kelowna (Version 2.0.22+)
  • SanteDB dCDR Android Application (Version 2.0.22+)
  • SanteDB dCDR Windows Application (Version 2.0.22+)
  • SanteDB dCDR Linux Application (Version 2.0.22+)
  • Upon login, you receive an error about a property of SecurityUser
Cause: The issue is caused because the dCDR host service is not yet completed its startup process, and has not yet loaded the specified tables and services into memory.
  • Wait up to a minute and then attempt login again.