Database Patching

Some plugins may require special indexing and/or patches to the underlying SanteDB schema. While this is generally not recommended (you should attempt to use the built-in RIM concepts), there are occasions where your plugin will need to touch the database.

Patch SQL Files

Patching is done by including SQL files in your project as an Embedded Resource. The files should end in the extension .SQL and must contain a header with the following format:

 * <feature scope="SanteDB.Persistence.Data.ADO" 
 *     id="YOUR_PATCH_ID" 
 *     name="Update:20170725-01" 
 *     applyRange=""  
 *     invariantName="npgsql">
 *	<summary></summary>
 *	<remarks></remarks>
 *	<isInstalled>select ck_patch('YOUR_PATCH_ID')</isInstalled>
 * </feature>





When writing FirebirdSQL patches you should add FROM RDB$DATABASE to the ck_patch and reg patch functions such as SELECT REG_PATCH('MYPATCH') FROM RDB$DATABASE;

The SanteDB updater config tool will read these manifests and allow the system administrator an option to install your patches to their database.

The schema is as follows:




The scope of the patch. This is typically to the main database (SanteDB.Persistence.Data.ADO) however some other SanteDB products (such as SanteGuard) define their own scopes.


A unique identifier for your patch.


The name of your patch, this appears as the title of the patch in the user interface


The range of database schema on which the patch is designed. SanteDB will not apply your patch if the database version is outside of this range.


The name of the database provider the SQL applies to. Allowed values are:

npgsql = PostgreSQL

fbsql = FirebirdSQL

sqlite = SQLite


A textual summary of your patch.


More detailed documentation related to the patch.


SQL statement that, when evaluated to TRUE indicates that the patch does not need to be applied.

Auto-Deploy of Patches

You should set your SQL file's compile action to EmbeddedResource in your plugin. Upon service start (on Windows, Linux, Android, or Docker) your SQL patch file will be executed and the database migrated.

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