FHIR Test Cases Instructions

Instructions on how to run the FHIR test cases

Install SoapUI:

Download and install soapui (a testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs): https://www.soapui.org/tools/soapui/

Pull santempi:

Pull santempi repository from github : https://github.com/santedb/santempi.git

Install docker containers:

Having docker installed, run the following command inside santempi/instant directory where the docker-compose.yml file exists to spin up docker containers.

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml up

It can also be done by running the "docker-compose.ui.yml" file but the ui component is not necessary here

Run the test cases with SoapUI:

Import FHIR test cases which are located at santempi/SanteMPI-Test-Cases-soapui-project.xml.

They can be run as an entire test suite

or an individual test case

or test step.

Keep in mind that some test steps need to run in sequence in order to pass

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