Testing the addition of a Policy with Granted Permission while editing a group's Assigned Policies.



A Policy may be added to a group which is applied to group members.

Pre-Conditions / Setup

  1. Follows the instructions from TEST: SECURITY-GRM-01 to create a group to be edited.

  2. After a group is created, the user is automatically brought to the corresponding Administration Panel / Security / Groups / Edit Group page.


1. Select the Add dropdown within the Assigned Policies panel.

2. Select a Policy (e.g. "Create Local Users") from the dropdown to be added to the list of Assigned Policies.

3. Click on the plus sign (+) to add the selected policy.

4. Click the Save button after the selected Policy is added to the list of Assigned Policies.

Expected Behaviour

  • The explicitly added Policy (e.g. "Create Local Users") is saved to the list of Assigned Policies with a Permission value of Grant selected by default (darkened button).

  • Dropdown of policies in the Add field has its last selection cleared.

  • Green toast appears briefly in top-right corner of window stating: "Role updated successfully".

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