SanteSuite Help Portal
Welcome to the SanteSuite Help Portal!
Welcome to the SanteSuite help portal. This portal is primarily targeted to implementation partners, developers, and operations staff who wish to leverage the SanteDB platform or one or more SanteSuite solutions.
This site is a living document, and the documentation often changes. If you'd like to participate, documenting SanteDB code or creating help manuals on this site, please let us know!

What is SanteSuite?

SanteSuite is used to describe the collection of software solutions built upon the SanteDB iCDR and dCDR technologies. SanteSuite products aim to provide a cohesive platform for implementing a variety of solutions including Master Patient/Person Index (MPI), Master Facility Index (MFI), Master Provider Registry (MPR).

What is SanteDB?

SanteDB is a general purpose clinical data repository based loosely on the HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM) which we call the Reduced Reference Information Model (RRIM). SanteDB's CDR has four major platform components:
    iCDR - A centralized service for managing data from clinics, tablets, etc. The iCDR provides an implementation of the Reference Information Model (RIM) and offers robust features such as an OAUTH IdP, Audit Repository, versioning, master data management, etc.
    dCDR - We call this one a "baby CDR", and provides disconnected access to SanteDB's functions. The dCDR operates completely on its own and offers almost 75% of the functionality of the iCDR. It is the same implementation of the RIM-based information model, and can operate many of the plugins which are developed for the iCDR.
    dCDR Gateway - The Disconnected Gateway is a specialized version of the dCDR which combines plugins for HL7v2, ATNA, (and in the future FHIR) and allows clinics who are using third party software such as OpenMRS or OSCAR to leverage dCDR features with standards based interfaces.
    Android / Windows / Linux Apps - These applications are built on the dCDR and provide an extensible user interface platform based on HTML5 and JavaScript. By default, AngularJS is the bundled UI framework, however these applications (and applets) may override this and implement their own interfaces to SanteDB's dCDR services.
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