Immunization Management System - SanteIMS

SantéIMS, a Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) nominated “global good” (, is a proven, purpose-built, person-centered, national-scale immunization management platform that supports planning, end-to-end delivery and realtime reporting of any type or scale of mass vaccination program. SantéIMS comes pre-configured with the standard WHO vaccine schedule but can be configured for any type of program, such as pandemic response for COVID-19 vaccination or HIV inoculation. Its unique, fully integrated design and functionality automates end-to-end vaccination workflows, decision support, and stock management, while at the same time seamlessly automates immunization data feedback loops, aggregate reporting and analytics from local clinic to regional and national levels and beyond. This complete, dedicated vaccination workflow solution has demonstrated significant improvement in efficiency of administering vaccine clinics, simplifies training requirements for staff operating a clinic, speeds up interactions with patients and provides a near real-time national dashboard view of vaccination activity from local clinic to regional and national levels. A purpose-built immunization system such as SantéIMS also enables the implementation of advanced clinical workflows, clinical decision support rules and computable guidelines not often found in general purpose EMRs.

SantéIMS comes pre-configured with the complete WHO vaccine schedule as default, however the schedule and clinical guideline rules are completely customizable to local country or regional needs. SantéIMS supports new clinical workflows such as COVID-19 protocols and can easily be configured support emerging immunization workflows such as HIV and malaria. SantéIMS’s first version (OpenIZ) was funded by PATH ( in 2016 as part of the Better Immunization Data (BID) initiative and is currently nationally deployed in Tanzania as the Tanzania Immunization Registry (TImR).

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