Data Quality Rules

This page documents a feature which is only available in SanteDB 3.0

SanteDB allows system administrators to manage the data quality rules from the administration panel. Data quality rules are applied to all objects which are configured and result in a detected issue extension being added to the persisted object. This information can then be viewed (for example: Data Quality Tab in SanteMPI) used in matching configurations to prevent matching of records with data quality problems, or called when the $validate method is invoked on the HDSI.

Editing Data Quality Rules

Core Properties

Editing data quality rules and creating a new set of data quality rules is a very similar process. First, the data quality properties are populated:

  • Identifier: The unique data quality rule identiifer for the entire rule configuration. This must be unique to the SanteDB deployment.

  • Name: The name of the data quality rules configuration, this is a human readable name referenced by administrators in log files and on the UI.

  • Active: When selected, indicates that the rules should be applied to all inbound objects.


Each rule configuration contains one or more resource types that the rules apply to. When adding a new resource type, the administrator must select the type of resource to which the rule applies. Then one or more assertions are added to the resource. For example, to create a data quality rule for weights which are negative.

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