Data Sources

BI Data Sources represent the source for data where queries are executed. A data source can be a relational data store (such as a data store used by SanteDB infrastructure) or an external data source (such as a website, API, or reference data sets).

The pre-defined BI datasources in SanteDB are outlined below:





Primary transaction database for SanteDB or the DC


The data warehouse connection containing pivoted data and ad-hoc data definitions.


The primary audit database for the stock installation of SanteDB.


The connection string for SanteGuard's enhanced audit repository.

Data Source Definition Files

Data sources are defined using XML. Data sources must also provide a IBiDataSource implementation. For example, to define a reference data source using PostgreSQL one would use:

<BiDataSourceDefinition name="references" id="org.custom.dataSource.references" 
   provider="SanteDB.OrmLite.OrmBiDataProvider, SanteDB.OrmLite" 
   connectionString="REFERENCES" xmlns="">
  <meta version="1.0.0" status="active">
      <add>Sample Organization</add>
      <div xmlns="">
        <p>Reference data</p>

The example above includes metadata, this is used for user interfaces as well as report building infrastructure in SanteDB. It is also possible to block access to a data source based on one or more policies which the user executing any report must have.

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