About SanteMPI
SanteMPI is a next generation, fully functional, open-source and standards-compliant Client Registry that was originally developed to support the Canadian national digital health program beginning in 2006. SanteMPI has been enhanced and refined over decades of investment from governments, private sector companies and non-governmental organizations. SanteMPI has been designed to support the longitudinal management of patient data in jurisdictions around the world and has several proven field deployments in low and middle income countries.
SanteMPI bundles together existing functions of SanteDB (MDM, Matching, Entity Linking, etc.) and exposes additional logic on top of those interfaces to ensure it is a PIX/PDQ compliant product. SanteMPI works in both the SanteDB iCDR and the dCDR, that's right, you can run a mini-MPI offline in a local clinic between systems.
SanteMPI is undergoing continuous development, so the screenshots in this section may not be up to date with the latest revision.
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