In SanteDB, an applet represents a collection of HTML5, JavaScript, and XML files which are used to solve a particular problem.

Applets are the foundation of extending SanteDB. An applet can contain:

  • Custom user interface components (using CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, and HTML5)

  • Custom Business Rules written using the SanteDB Business Rules engine

  • Custom Reports written using the embedded reporting engine (those which operate in all SanteDB environments)

  • Clinical Decision Support Rules (CDSS) written using XML formatted when/then commands

  • Custom View-Model files which instruct SanteDB how to render JSON to consumer applications

  • Translations and localization settings for a particular locale

  • Custom matching configurations used for the SanteDB Matching Algorithms

  • Clinical Template Definitions which contain the validation rules, entry and render forms, and structure of clinical data