BI Asset Definitions

BI assets are defined in the /bi folder of your applet and can contain:

  • BiPackages - A collection of BI assets for a particular purpose (for example: a custom report including parameters and queries)

  • BiDataSource - Defines a connection to a particular data source such as relational data or custom IBiDataProvider instance written in .NET.

  • BiParameterDefinitions - Defines a reusable parameter for use in queries and reports. Parameter definitions define the type, validation, and data source (lists) for inputs into queries.

  • BiQueryDefinition - Defines a common query against one or more data sources (example: master patient list)

  • BiViewDefinition - Defines a view on top of a BiQueryDefinition. This allows for data source independent aggregation and pivoting of results.

  • BiReportDefinition - Defines a user friendly view of data defined in a view.

All BI assets are defined in XML in the namespace. The schema for this namespace is in the Schema\ directory of your SanteDB installation.